Thanksgiving kicks off Christmas..

Yes, in my mind, this day is the beginning of the Christmas Holiday and honestly, I have been itching to post this for a couple weeks now but waited till today.

THIS IS my favorite Christmas TV skit. We quote it all the time, our family always says "Christmas ain't about Santa kickin' a cup of soup in the croutons!"

Anyway, enjoy, laugh, It's GREAT medicine.


Rick said…
Great sketch - ripping it to my blog for some early December posts next week :) - thanks!
daphne said…
No freakin way. All my girls know the skit by heart and as far as Kenneth and I are concerned, that was one of The Best SNL's EVER. We always watch Mr Timberlake over and over to get into the Christmas spirit.
Anonymous said…
That is my favorite skit. It makes me laugh and laugh. Love MOM

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