A room made for two

Here it is November 4th, the entire world waits to hear who will be the next president of the United States of America, but for us, all the election hoop-la is just a distraction from longing to bring our son home.

I voted, I care, but not really. I know God has it under control no matter who gets in. I don't sit waiting for word on who won, I sit waiting for an E-mail or a call saying our case HAS cleared court finally. He is ours, we just have to come get him. That is what I wait for today on election day, like many days.

See our court date was last week but a witness didn't show up so they rescheduled it for November 12th. Hearing that stabbed my heart yet again. But our agency rep. said they are trying to get it heard this week so that is what I pray for.

IF it is not heard before November 12th then that would put us traveling mid December. Which is ok, I will take it, I just want to get him home.

Today I cleaned Steele and A's room. When I do this, I feel this calm sadness come over me one minute then excitement and hope the next. Waiting is such a weird place. As I put fresh sheets on the top bunk I wondered if A would sleep up there with Steele or on the bottom. Steele doesn't like the bottom, said it's scary.(I feel the same way about bunk beds) I put some clothes in A's dresser and wondered if they will fit him and I looked at the desk, ready with two chairs, colors and color books and I felt at peace. This room is made for two boys, brothers from different continents, in a family that has no idea how they ever lived without them, a sister that glows at the thought of them. Yes, this is a room for two....



Anonymous said…
What an amazing mom he has waiting for him. i dont even know what to say. my heart is full after reading this one. He is going to love you soooo much. He's going to love his chair, his colors, and his coloring books. And he's definitely going to love his bunk bed! I can't wait to meet him. ~ @havvi
what a sad post! girl, i cant wait until he's home.
Adeye said…
PRAYING that your son will be in your arms before you know it! I know how agonizing the wait is....it WILL pass :)

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