Reading Outreach Tomorrow

As an outreach for the HP Woman-Book Club Life Group, we have decided to have a monthly reading fun time with the children living at the Alamo Hotel. The Alamo is a very bad, drug infested, prostitution and crime ridden place and many small children live there. These kids are actually classified as homeless because they live in a motel.

Dean will go pick up the kids from the Alamo and bring them to BRDC-Roselawn location which is on Roselawn street off Florida Blvd., right past the Alamo, at 11:00am.

We will have a story time, games, lunch and each child will receive a book to take home.

Let me know if you would like to come an help with this outreach.

Wear your Red SERVE shirt.

Also, we need kids books, so if you have any you want to donate you can
e-mail me at carolesturner@yahoo(dot)com.


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