PJ's and Gift cards for Battered Women's Shelter

Every year we buy Christmas PJ's for our little family a couple days before Christmas, It's our little tradition. We don't wear them until Christmas Eve, then when we wake up Christmas morning and are taking pictures, we all have on cute PJ's . Well today I was talking to Elizabeth Demerest (second in command at HP Woman, kinda like Vice HP Chick President :-) about the HP woman's outreach of gift cards and kids PJ's for the battered Women's Shelter, She was saying how we only had a few turned in so far. Right when she said it I knew this year we would not be buying PJ's for our selves but instead for the children of abused women.

We bought two baby sleepers for $5.00 each and I forgot to get the gift card but we will get one for like $10.00 tomorrow at Walmart. I know that doesn't seem like a lot to some but if all of the 500 ladies that attend HP women did just that, imagine the great Christmas these ladies and their children could have. ANY amount is wonderful. Card and no PJ's, PJs only or both, nothing is to small or to great. We know we can't out give God, he has shown us that hundreds and hundreds of times, so please pray about what you can do.

You can bring them to the HP Woman Christmas party Monday night or drop it by the HPC offices.

I was trying get a picture of us with the PJ's for this post. Steele didn't want to be in the picture so I told him he could take the picture..he was having trouble with holding the button down long enough so this is the pic of him I took while showing him "how" to hold the button down..

And this is E and I posing with the PJ's.

He did a good job.


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