Pictures from Family Day at the BRDC

Mrs. Gail letting Winbourne Ave traffic know what was goin' on...

BRDC worship team (the abbreviated version cuz' we all couldn't fit on that flat bed truck) bringin' the funk and the Jesus love...

Just a few of the over 600 people that came out today..

Eric watching his twin brother Derek just coming out of the baptismal pool. Nothing like people letting the world know that it's out with the old and in with the new life in Christ. I love witnessing people get baptised!

These are some of the great kids that came today. The future leaders of the community..

And after it was all said in done, after getting there at 9am and going non stop ALL day till 5pm, Steele and Jonus Bouttee felt like a swim in the almost empty baptismal pool was appropriate. Of course, they had to announce to all the volunteers still there that they were peeing in the little bit of remaining water and yet continuing to play in it...good times, that's for sure, good times.

And yes, I did make that sign hanging behind them.


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