Delayed again

We just got word that the Judge that was to hear our case yesterday went into labor. She was 9 months pregnant. Her replacement was not completely trained so she has not stepped up and taken her cases. She has rescheduled our case to be heard mid December. We will not have A home for Christmas. We will not travel to get him until the END of January.

I can't even believe I am typing this. I feel like I have been punched in the gut and I can't breath. I think being strong is over rated cuz' all I can do is cry and shake right now. I feel like all my bones have been ripped out of my body. I want to sleep and drink Wine but I know that neither of those will help. SO, I listen to the song "Whisper His Name" by Johnathan Stockstill and I do what it says, it comforts me.

So, we wait...longer. Almost a year actually.

Pray for Dean, this is harder for him then he lets on. Steele doesn't understand why we keep talking and praying for A but he never gets here. And E is just sad. Christmas will not be what we wanted or hoped for. We will long for the child that is not here...yet.

I know this is all in Gods hands. I have to trust that. He is good. he is good.


I'm sorry Carole. That is sad news.
Anonymous said…
I think I only have you e-address to post to you on the yahoo chat. When I click on your email from here it goes to IM?
Just typed up a message for you, but don't know how to send it.
My email is
- Jen, from IAG chat
Praying and feeling gut rot with you.
Anonymous said…
i am so sorry to read this, carole. i know what a long, hard road this has been for you and i just pray God's peace and comfort over you right now. though i know it's not much consolation, God is in control of this and there must be a reason for the delay. looking back on it years from now, you will know what that reason is and fruit will have grown from your patience and faithfulness.

you are a rock and inspiration to so many. praying for you...
meghan matt
Anonymous said…
i can feel the heart break in your words. we are praying for you guys. they don't call them miracles for nothing. love you guys.
Elysa said…
I am so sorry. Praying.
Anonymous said…
I am sorry you have to go through this. God is still good. He will give you the desires of your heart. Cling to him. I am going through a trial right now. I know God is real, and he is in control. I am praying stregnth for you. Blessings, Ann Amar

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