Decorating for Christmas

The day after Thanksgiving is when we decorate the house for Christmas. This is the day that we put on Christmas music, Dean fights with the lights, the kids sort ornaments and I place everything. Tonight we finished the trees and the outside of the front door, tomorrow we will finish the exterior and the in interior.

Us posing for our new camera that Dean bought this morning at Target for our trip to get "A". It has a timer on it so Dean was able to jump into the picture.

Evangeline posing with an ornament..

Steele playing with one of the Coca Cola Christmas trucks..

And I'm just guessing but I bet no one else has one of these trees in their dinning room but me?


Anonymous said…
looks like you guys had a blast!
Anonymous said…
I sure miss y'all. Would love to have been there. I hope y'all can come to see us in Feb. or March.
Love MOM

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