The day after

Our new President is a 47 yr old bi-racial man, who was abandoned by his African father as a baby and raised by his white Grandmother. Amazing and Historical.

I pray his life experience, his work in the Senate and as a community organizer in the inner cities of Chicago help him lead with knowledge and grace and I pray that he approaches all decisions with humility and wisdom. Bless him Lord.

I'm so sad about how some Christians are acting today. Really, crazy fear talk is rampant. Will we step up and be gracious or will we take the easy road? God is telling his people to be salt, be light, be full of grace and mercy.

John McCain said it all so well. In his concession speech he praised Obama and spoke of this historic time in our history. Why is it Christian's cant see it the way McCain does? McCain, the guy that lost the race is acting way more Christ like then most Christians are today.

I understand why many are upset. Issues like Abortion and the fear of socialism caused many to feel a McCain loss would be devastating to America. But the truth is, if you don’t want more abortions then open a Women’s crisis center in the inner city, reach out to an unwed mother. You don’t like socialism giving your money to the poor, then give to a charity, or better yet start a soup kitchen, Job training program, work transportation route. Stop complaining and crying about Obama being president and get busy actually being the church.

Nationally, four out of every ten adults is a born again in the south, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana had the highest percentages of Born again Christians, all over 50%.
Barna research study-2005

So this says that we have more then enough man power in the church to get the job done that Jesus laid out in Matthew 25. The problem is people like to be born again when it comes to morality and voting against stuff but not when it comes to acting like Jesus did in loving your enemies, feeding the hungry, etc. That's too hard, voting and complaining is easy.

So I want to encourage you with this;

Your vote is nothing compared to your life.

Walk in grace and mercy and may we all love President Obama as Christ does. May we be a true representation of the love of Jesus to our president and to the world.

Peace out!


Anonymous said…
i do agree with a lot of that. we do need to step up and be the hands and feet of the church. we all do need to reach out more to inner city unwed moms and help those less fortunate. those are definite truths. however, abortion and infanticide are the most anti-jesus acts in history, and starting a soup kitchen won't stop obama from redistributing wealth that people worked hard for.

we have great reason to be fearful, but ultimately God is still in control and He is the hope. He will give us change. not obama. thanks for your perspective on the issue... always nice to see things from another side :)

meghan matt
Carole Turner said…
I think if every Christian started a soup kitchen or something along those lines there would be no need for his redistribution because we would be doing it ourselves like Jesus said.

I remember when Clinton won. I cried and was sure it was the end of the world for Christians. I was wrong. Abortions went down, not up and socialism didn't over take us. I see no need at all to be fearful.

I talked to a friend this morning who like me voted for McCain but felt good about the outcome. I know several people at HPC that voted for Obama that can't tell anyone or wont tell anyone. So my point is that no matter who we voted for we have a job to do, and that's what we have to be concerned with, not fear.

Thanks for commenting. You look great by the way, I can see all that weight loss.

Rock on!
HerstoryGirl said…
One of your best posts ever!
Gonna linky!
Anonymous said…
Couldn't agree with you more. I had no idea who I would vote for even as I drove to the polls. Even though I did vote for McCain, I didn't feel as though either candidate truly represented me because only The One and Only can do that. Miss those book club discussions!

Also got a little teary at the thought of our country electing the first African American President. What a breakthrough moment. What an encouraging moment for those who have suffered the evil of racism! Still chokes me up.
Anonymous said…
umm. found your blog from pinkhairedgirls previous post on the election. i like your blog. it makes me smile.
Anonymous said…
Amen. More churches, soup kitchens, women shelters, Dream Centers, etc. Not only that people need to be the change they wish to see. Run for office, work in a campaign, etc.
We can win the world.....if we want to.

Much love,
Anonymous said…
I linked this from my blog. Call to action is always good... as long as it is in the name of CHRIST.
Brenda said…
Hey - I posted your post as a note on Facebook (with link). Loved what you said, so simple, yet straight.
Anonymous said…
Community agitator - not organizer.
Anonymous said…
I respect you and your blog but I truly wish I could get behind an anti war baby killer who sat 20 years in a hateful church and then lied about it. He is a snake with a silver tongue. Frankly I view him as the antichrist and his supporters as devil worshippers. I feel God's covering has been removed from this idol worshipping nation and the day of reckoning has arrived. This race,,, was all about race and white guilt reparations! A white candidate with only one of these issues in his past would have been knocked out of this race a long time ago. But the history of his race along with the media gave him a pass on every issue. In all honesty this is truth but no one will say it because of political correctness. AND this is not coming from a racist either but I am sure this comment will be viewed as it anyway cause truth is gone as the bible says people will be deceived. If he had lost there would have been riots in every major city and beyond.

As a Christian the only way I could think about loving him or his followers is comparing him to what God did for us unworthy heathens when He sent Christ. The Divide IS Wide and It will take God's grace and time as the thought of him in the white house disgusts me.
HerstoryGirl said…
"I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone— for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth." -- 1 Timothy 2: 1-4 NIV

Guess some of your readers should be reading THE WORD a bit more...
Elysa said…
Excellent. I'd like to share this on my blog.
Anonymous said…
I don't see how anyone who calls themself a Christian could vote for Obama.

Didn't voters do any research before pushing the button?? Or did they simply choose to ignore all the glaring problems with this man?

A point that has still yet to be answered is "What qualifies this man to be President of our great nation?"

He is an attorney, a Senator and a black man. Sarah Palin is more qualified to run this nation than Obama.

Christians who voted for Obama need to read THE WORD more.
HerstoryGirl said…
Uh, I did NOT vote for Obama and neither did Carole.

You really don't read too closely do you.

Good grief.
There's a BIG difference between voting for someone and submitting to their authority which is what God tells us to do.

I read the Word plenty, which is why I voted the way I did.
But even if I HAD voted for Obama, it wouldn't make me any less of a Christian.

Last time I checked, that judgment was reserved for God, alone.

I don't know who you think you are, but if you are such a coward to even post your name, then you must not be too convicted about your own beliefs. At least we don't post our opinions behind an "anonymous" mask.
Anonymous said…
I was totally John McCain. I thought he would have made a wonderful president. The only agenda he had was love of country.
He did not win. Get over it. God tells us more than once in the Bible to respect our government and those in authority. We must keep our new president in our prayers, as God has put him there for a reason. It is all in the plan. God is Love. That says it all. GOD IS LOVE. As my beautiful daughter said. PEACE OUT!!
Love MOM
Anonymous said…
Anonymos, you seem to think that killing babies is wrong, correct? What about killing innocent humans in another country?
Obama has a hateful church huh? I have heard plenty of hateful things about Obama come from "Christians"
Obama is the antichrist huh? Since you know who that is or is gonna be because God gave you "special" revelation?
What qualifies him to be President? The same thing that qualifies John McCain, Bush, Clinton, Washington, John Adams, Jefferson, Bush 1, Ford, Carter, etc. We voted for him and he is YOUR President!!!
Dude, really.....GROW UP!!!
Anonymous said…
Oh and by the way if his supporters are devil worshipers, what would that make God who put him there? Just wondering?
Carey said…
Well said. We need to step up. The Bible says not to fear or be afraid I believe 365 times. That's one for every day! God's in control, not matter what. My heart is just sad for all the unborn babies.
Anonymous said…
Repeat after me anon. God is in Control, God is in Control, God is in Control. Your post sounds full of hate. Hate is always bad and not of God because God is Love, God is Love, God is Love. Just repeat those two sentences over and over and maybe Love(God)will come back into your heart.
Signed: An old person who has been there and back. PS. I voted for McCain.
Anonymous said…
Ok I am repeating God is in control, God is Love. Jesus Is Lord of Heaven and earth. We will see how long it takes...
My problem is that I cannot understand how liberals will fight to protect the life of death row inmates yet every year allow 1.3 million babies to be aborted.... and we all stand by and tolerate this,, at what point are we responsible ??? Is not that blood on all of our hands??? At what point does our Love "Enable" ?? Please answer this for me...

I feel better today but I am just having trouble watching this whole thing play out. I know I cannot change it but I have trouble being happy about it...
In all seriousness, I know my hatred of the situation is not healthy but how do I deny my feelings... Does this compare to God allowing Saul to persecute and kill christians until he was converted,... maybe I can look at it like that... I really am trying...
Connie Firmin said…
Very well put Carole! God is still God. He's not surprised by the vote or puzzled at what's to come now. He's in control and I believe He can use whoever He wants. Yes, we'll have some ups and downs, but I'm not going into worry-overdrive. Solves nothing. I decided before Tuesday that my trust is in God alone, not a man, to lead our country. I believe it's about the eternal perspective, not the 4 year plan. I'm looking forward to see what God's got up His sleeve, and I'll be praying for our new President.
HerstoryGirl said…
Dear anonymous:

You say, "Is not that blood on all of our hands???"

Well, NO.

We are all responsible for OUR OWN actions. When we stand before God on judgment day, we will not have to answer for the decisions and sins of others. We WILL have to answer for what we did wrong & the condition of our hearts.

Look, I hate to break it to you, but we could make abortion illegal in every way, shape, and form. If you think that is going to stop abortion from happening, then you are a very naive person. Yes, it might slow it down some, but it's unlikely. Why? Because it's the law of unintended consequences. Once you cross some lines, it becomes harder to uncross them. We have to change the HEARTS of this world.

We live in a sick, sad world, but if you think you are going to change anyone's heart or anybody's mind from having an abortion using anger and hate, you are sadly mistaken. The ONLY way abortion is ever going to get turned around is through the love of Christ being shown even to those who WE THINK don't deserve it. We need to reach out to those who are hurting... and to raise up a generation of children with moral standards higher than our current generation's.

It is not for US to decide who should "burn in hell" or who is "really saved." We have NO BUSINESS as Christians, making those calls. There was a time in many of our lives that I'm sure someone may have thought that we weren't worthy. Perhaps we even thought it of ourselves.

But aren't we glad that God gave us undeserved forgiveness and grace? That's what we have to give, too, or it won't be given to us.

"For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins." -- Matthew 6:14-15 NIV
HerstoryGirl said…
One last thing (and then I really WILL shut up).

What have YOU done to stop abortion?

You seem to think that Carole (and I?) are somehow contributing to the problem by saying we are going to pray for (even tho we didn't vote for) a president who is pro-choice.
But if you knew either of us at all, you would already know that BOTH Carole & I have picketed (peacefully!) abortion clinics & made efforts to reach the girls who were seeking abortion. Carole's record on this is more amazing than anyone I've ever known.
So, before you judge us, I'm curious, what have YOU done to stop it?
Anonymous said…
excellent post...a true, scpiritual response to the condition we find ourselves. thanks, s. neely
Anonymous said…
actually, that would be SCRIPTURAL. sn
Ron said…
I agree. What's done is done. But I'm very disappointed that the Republicans could not offer a better choice for President, and I'm even more disappointed of the lack of knowledge that people have when it comes to the candidates records of accomplishments. Let's be honest here. This was a vote based primarily on the weak economy with a little of "Bush bashing" thrown in. Let us hope that Obama is spared the same treatment that President Bush got and that the economy will rebound under his leadership. Only time will tell.
Carole Turner said…
Anonymous, so glad you came back.I see you are working this out in your heart and mind and here on my blog and that's very cool with me. I know what your feeling, really I do, like I said I went through it when Clinton was elected TWICE! So, I totally extend grace to you cuz' I need it ALL the time. Just please give that anger to God, and trust Him.

Thanks again for stopping by. Your always welcome here.
Rhonda Jeanne said…
WELL SAID!!! Can I please post tihs on my blog, with links and such back to you, of course. I have soooo friends who need to red this!
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
By the way Shawn, the fact that people voted for Obama does not qualify him for the Presidency.
He shouldn't have even been a candidate since he can't even produce a valid birth certificate.

No, voting for him doesn't qualify him... it just means there are a bunch of stupid people in this country.
Donna said…
Carole, I cannot believe you thought my husband was "Anon." First, he doesn't speak like that; and second, he would never post anonymously.

You're a nut.
Anonymous said…
Hey Baby! You've got them all going now! Good Work. I love a good dialog. Love MOM
Anonymous said…
Excerpts from an article on Obama:
Full story here:

A conservative Christian activist says it's a sad omen for the Obama administration and the United States that Barack Obama has been seeking guidance from the Episcopal Church's first openly homosexual bishop.

Robinson notes in their three private conversations, Obama voiced his support for "equal civil rights" for homosexuals and described the election as a "religious experience."

"It looks like Billy Graham has been replaced by a gay bishop. We're moving to, perhaps, our first anti-Christian president; it's beyond post-Christian. Gene Robinson advocates homosexuality as part of the Christian experience," he explains.

This man [Obama] pretends to be faithful to Christianity, even as he works very hard to undermine it."

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