The day after posting "the day after"

My post yesterday sure did ruffle some feathers. I guess when you say be nice and gracious to someone, angry people don't like that.

Who's voices do you think President Obama is more likely to give his ear too? The angry hate filled ones or the gracious love of Jesus ones? I love what my pastor Dino Rizzo says, "hate doesn't change the world for good" no matter your intention if your motivated by unforgiveness, fear or hate you are not acting like Christ. What did He say? "love your enemies.." how does He describe love? "laying down your life for another..patient, kind, always hope, etc..Love your neighbor as yourself.." all that is in HIS word, the bible. Our natural man wants to react but the most "right" person in the world can be wrong when they act rash or in fear and unforgiveness.

You know, I am preaching to myself here. Anyone that knows me knows I have diarrhea of the mouth a lot! Walking in grace is a day by day, minute by minute surrendering to HIS grace, looking at ALL things through the lens of HIS love and the grace he gave us. Just typing that makes a lump come in my throat. Everyday we hurt him, sin, fear, pride, selfish ambition, all the things that ARE NOT Him, we do everyday, yet, he never gives up on us, He is the epitome of LOVE and He is very clear how the world will know us, His children, "by our love one for another".

Again, I don't think you have to agree with me or Obama, the Pope, or Billy Graham but we do have to love or no one, including President Obama, will hear the church.

Some responses I got from yesterday's post seem to say that no matter what we the church do now, the anti-life and socialistic policies Obama said he would implement will still happen. I don't believe that. There are 250 million people in America that say they are followers of Christ, over 85% of our population. There should be a Dream Center or some sort of community development center in every city, a homeless feeding program, MANY homes for unwed mothers and crisis pregnancy centers in each city. Churches canvasing the poor areas of the cities with job training, food, clothing, health-care. If even 50% of the population that says they are Christians started faithfully doing any of these things, started building relationships with the poor, the hurting, the lost, drug addicts and prostitutes there would not be a problem for the government to address. Pie in the sky dreaming? wishful thinking? yea, maybe but my point is we can't get mad when the government does a bad job at what we, the church is supposed to be doing.

Some say that these socialistic programs and redistribution of wealth that Obama wants are just going to make a more prominent welfare state, and that is true but again, if we the body of Christ were treating the least of these as Jesus said in Matthew 25, "when I was hungry you fed me, naked you clothed me, in prison and you visited me.." then that would not be an issue. The bible is very clear how we, not the government is to treat the poor. We will be to blame when the government fails at helping the poor.

What's so sad to me is that we have the answer. Think how many people you know that would have and should have been a down and out drug addict, welfare mom, etc. but now through the transforming power of Jesus are not. How many of us would be total failures in life if not for Jesus? We just don't believe our own hype.

We say we believe God has a future for people (Jer. 29:11) but we have no desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus to help people see that. We are happy to be the mouth of judgement and condemnation, and the car of passing by the need but not the hands that touch, the feet that walk the second mile with someone in need.

Many say, What can I do as one person? Start simple, walk down to a poor community and set up on a corner serving breakfast in a cup like Mrs. Susan Rogers and her friends have been doing for over a year. Go volunteer at the Boys and Girls club, a local Dream Center or homeless shelter. Start a bible study for single moms like Mrs. Jennifer Maggio, all it takes is time and a heart willing to be Jesus to someone.

We can change the world.


Anonymous said…
A Prophet is without honor on her own blog comment section..... :)
Never stop speaking truth, NEVER! We all need to hear it. Over and over again and again!!

Get ready...the rEVOLution is coming!!! Much love
Elysa said…
Hey woman! I posted you first "THE DAY AFTER" in full at my blog with links back here and to this post as well.

THANKS just not for what you're saying, but what you're DOING!

Love you!
Linda Hargrove said…
Careful, Carole. You're starting to sound like one of those community organizer/social justice/community developers Christians. *smile*

Go, sister. God's speed. (I'm right there behind you, passing out God's love, one cup at a time.

(No matter who's in the White House).
Jodi Lyn said…
I've never read your blog before. It is awesome! I totally agree! I'm a home health nurse in the areas surrounding the BR Dream Center. 90% of my patients are black and 99% are poor. I decided to look at the election of Obama as exciting for the African Americans that I care for. He is a biracial man who was abandoned by his father and later his mother, raised by his white grandmother in Hawaii, he worked hard, got his education, believed in himself and will soon be the President of the USA and the most powerful man in the free world. I hope his election will help the Afircan American children I care for (and everywhere) to have bigger dreams, more confidence, and the hope that they can be anything they want, with hard work. Nothing is out of thier reach!
I also believe that God can still do anything! Including change President Elect Obama's position on abortion! We must all support our president elect with prayer!
Jodi Meisner
Elysa said…
Go, Jodi! You are right on!!!
Anonymous said…
yeah, thanks for sayin' it so well!
Anonymous said…
Like most politicians, I think future President Obama will give his ear to those most likely to re-elect him; whether they be Christians or not.

As Christians, of course we do not hate anyone. We are however to hate sin as God hates sin.

Christians are to hate the sin of killing babies and homosexuality; two sins that Obama stands for. If enough people hated these, perhaps hate could have changed the world for good. Unfortunately, some Christians helped to put Obama in office.

That said, of course I believe we are to pray for him as the leader of this great nation.

Regardless of who the President is, the problem we have in this nation and around the world, is SIN. Sin is the cause of every evil, the cause of every injustice of man toward man.

The only answer to this problem is Jesus Christ and what he did on the cross.

Social programs of community development, feeding the homeless, and job training etc... while good in their own right, are not the answer.
The primary responsibility of the church is to preach the Gospel; not social services. One can go to heaven, jobless with an empty stomach and tattered clothes but not without Jesus.
Anonymous said…
Amen Clay, you very well summed up a whole lot of important issues about sin, christians and the role of the church. Is Obama a born again christian , I have wondered about this ?? I thought he was but could that be .....
Carole Turner said…
Clay, I appreciate your comments but I disagree on many levels,as you can tell by reading my blog im sure :-)

"Faith without works is dead", that's not my word but Jesus. "when I was hungry you fed me, naked you clothed me.." again Jesus, "they will know you by your LOVE one for another.." yes, again, that is Jesus talking. All these quotes are from the gospels. So yes, we are to preach the word and make disciples but we are also to do the things Jesus told us to in serving the needy.They are not interchangeable nor negotiable if we read the whole counsel of God, they are together how we are TOLD to live.

Grace to you and thanks again for stopping by.
Anonymous said…
Which part do you disagree with?

That sin is the problem?

Or that Jesus is the answer?

The preaching of the Gospel saves.
Romans 1:18 - For the preaching of the cross is to them who perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the Power of God.

Feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, and educating the uneducated are nothing but humanitarian efforts unless Jesus is preached.

That is why I said the Gospel must come first. It saves. Not programs, not social handouts.
Carole Turner said…
All of it Clay, can't you tell you are reading the blog of a flaming Atheist?

Do you just like to argue? That's kinda the feeling I'm getting since you obviously haven't really read anything I said in my original post or my response to you.

Where I stand on sin, Jesus and good works is clear, so I will let my already posted words suffice.
Anonymous said…
All I am saying is the Gospel must come first.

A cup of soup and volunteering at the Boys and Girls club does not address the sin issue.
Obviously Clay, you are not understanding what it is to be the hands and feet of Jesus. So, I guess the good Samaritan should have just left the man on the side of the road too since it is the words that are more important than the action that Jesus Christ said to do. Or maybe he should have told him he was a sinner and he just needs to be a follower of Jesus? Would any of that met his need? Have you ever given out food to anyone who has none? Have you ever volunteered at a Boys and Girls club and showed the kids there that they matter and show your faith through action since Christ said to do that? It is not our job to convict a sinner, it is our job to love the sinner and God will work on the heart. Are you telling us that you are equal to God that your words can change a person's heart away from sin? Maybe you need to see lives changed through giving out of clothes, food, volunteering time to tutor, or even volunteer to tutor in an afterschool program that is abstinance based and you could see how lives are changed through action, love, not preaching that they are sinners. I know it was not someone preaching at me the "Gospel" that turned me away from my pre-Christ life. It was the love that people showed me. The people met me where I was and loved me for who I was and God did the work, not people telling me I was a sinner.

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