BRDC Thanksgiving Celebration Sunday

I really can only post pictures because I am too exhausted to write a post. So enjoy the few images from a great day.

I LOVE my life.

Service was packed with 480 people, which included the 20 members of Winbourne Baptist Church and all of BRDC Kids church.

I still pinch myself sometime thinking about how God it is that a Baptist church has partnered with Healing Place Church to reach the inner city with this facility. God's family is sticking together to achieve His work. So thankful to be a part of it.

This is Alex, I sat by him today. He lives in a really bad trailer park surrounded by drug dealers and extreme poverty. His life right now says he will grow up to be nothing more then a Latino street thug or grow up to live in extreme poverty like his mother. But Gods plan says otherwise. Oh how I love being even a tiny part of Alex's life. Today he had me help him find the scripture references in that bible he's holding while his friends on the other side of me slept...

..Yea, Pastor Mark Stermer brought a powerful word and did his best to keep us all awake but it just didn't work for these boys. But it did reach a lot of people, over 50 people went forward to meet Jesus and that is what it's all about, meeting the one who can and does save our lives.

After service all us BRDC volunteers, staff and congregation got to go eat Thanksgiving dinner in the recreation hall and two HPC married couple life groups came to serve us. It was very nice.

Look at this great group of guys! They are just a few of the men giving their lives for the kids of the inner city. Corey Teem (light green shirt) is the owner of a local Chick Fil A. He currently employees two kids from our after school program and for several months gave a job to a homeless crack addict that eventually wasn't able to continue working. Kevin Jarreau (front row gray shirt) him and his wife Jennifer lead the BRDC Kids Church. They have a heart for Africa and the kids of the inner city and it shows. Nathan Robert (back row-grey stripped shirt) is the director of the BRDC-After School program. His heart for the teen community is huge and his wife serves the pre-school inner city children every Sunday. And then there is my Dean. Hot Hotness through and through. He's been put in charge of security for BRDC Kids Church and he's doing an amazing job. He knows how to rock the Madonna head set that's for sure. I love watching him with the kids.

Well, So much for my "no time to post" I winded up typing away huh? I guess I just can't help but gush. I see God doing so much. The people, oh how I love the people we serve and serve along side. I love watching what God is doing in ALL of us. He's so good.

I am VERY Thankful this Thanksgiving for the congregation of the BRDC, The staff and volunteers, the community, HPC and Winbourne Baptist Church because they ALL make days like today possible and it was a great day.


Anonymous said…
love the picture of the boys "relaxing" during the message! :)
Anonymous said…
I'm loving on those relaxed kids too. LOL.

All jokes aside. What a powerful partnership. Bless the Lord indeed.

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