Reading Outreach

Pathfinders Ever-present life group girls and Book club ladies with kids from the Alamo.

Today was the first HP Women-Book Club Reading Outreach at Baton Rouge Dream Center-Roselawn location. This is an outreach specifically to the children living at the Alamo Hotel. We partnered with Ever Present, one of the HPC Pathfinders Jr. High Ministry, Life-Groups.

When I had the idea for this outreach I knew I wanted to play games with the kids, have lunch, story time and give them books but the leaders of the Jr. High life group, Cortney Dumas and Korina Allen and the Jr. High girls, really made these thoughts a great reality. Cortney knew what games these kids would love, and even during story time a couple of the girls acted out what I was reading for the kids! The HP Women-Book club members, Shannon an Vicki Ohlerking and Evelyn Chaison helped with getting the books together that we gave to the kids and the lunch part of it. Evangeline had made 10 brown bag lunches complete with an orange, chips, juice and PB&J and each child took home 3 books each.

As I said before, the state considers these children that live at the Alamo, homeless because they do not live in a permanent residence or an actual home, So It was just so thrilling to see the younger girls of HPC Pathfinders and the more seasoned girls of HPC Woman working together to reach homeless hurting kids!!

After the outreach when we took the kids back to the Alamo, one of the caregivers of the children that came requested prayer. She attends BRDC Sunday services and brings children that are in her care each week but life at the Alamo is very hard. There are 5 people living in a 12ft by 15ft motel room. No kitchen, rats, roaches, filth and surrounded by drug dealers, gangs and prostitution. BRDC helps this family with groceries and other physical and spiritual needs on a regular basis but today she needed prayer for her daughter who had lost her car so Vicki and I got to pray with her.

We will be doing this outreach once a month and this first one was such a blessing to us who got to serve and I think to everyone that participated.

Thank you HPC for allowing us to do this. Thank you Ever present Jr High Life group for your awesomeness and thank you HP Woman Book Club Life group for being a part!!

Pathfinders Ever-present life group and the kids of the Alamo playing a little Duck Duck Goose.


Jodi Lyn said…
Carole, I would really like to find a way to get more involved with outreach in BR and with the BRDC. I will need dates in advance, so I can not schedule myself on outreach dates. Do you have any idea when the Jan or Feb book outreach at the Alamo will be?

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