What's so Amazing About Grace

I had heard about this book for years and I am just now reading it.

I think every Christian, every aspiring minister or student of the life of Christ should have to read this book. It is such a thorough treatment of the topic of Grace, the only thing that can transform lives, the gift that God gives.

I will say that for all the hard core fundamentalist, about half way through the book you will want to stop reading,you may think him unbalanced but keep going, he answers every question that comes into your mind in the first half. He not only answers it but brings everything in perspective to the word of God.

It will now replace Barbarian Way as my number 2 all time favorite book, only after The Great Divorce by CS Lewis.

Please, go check it out at the Library, go buy it or barrow it from someone, you will not regret it.

What's so Amazing about Grace?


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