Tom Davis in Ethiopia

I stoled this from His blog, He's a real hero of mine and right now he is in Ethiopia trying to help orphans, check out his post from today...

October 10, 2008

Day One - Ethiopia

We had a late start today, but managed to rescue the video camera from customs! Simon headed to the Dept. of Information, and with some help from a 'friend,' we had the correct paperwork in no time. So video is on. We will prepare a short promo video of Ethiopia to help all of you promote what's happening here to your friends when we return.

Our 2 1/2 our drive led us to a wonderful orphanage in Ambo, a quite heavily populated farming community. This area is severely affected by HIV/AIDS leaving many orphans abandoned in its wake. Suleiman, the director is an incredible man. His father died when he was eight, and his mother and three siblings were all killed during the famine in the 1985. He was left orphaned. Already handicapped (he has no use of his right arm) everything was an uphill struggle for him. But he managed to graduate high school, college, and has his masters degree. Now he directs the New Hope orphanage, an incredible example of a the definition of a 'wounded healer.' Healing places in others where he was wounded.

The great thing about Suleiman is that he has a vision for the future of these kids. He isn't satisfied with only helping feed and clothe them. He's started a school to help them with their education because he believes Ethiopia's future is in their hands. Men like him are beacons of light, doing incredible things in the midst of hopelessness. If we keep finding and supporting these kinds of people, the face of this nation will look completely different for the next generation.





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