Pics from Sunday at BRDC

E and her friend Kendra. They are such a help on Sunday. Kendra helped Mrs. Susan with the 3-5yr old kids and E helps lead worship, clean up, get things ready, etc. at BRDC Kids.

Us worship peeps doing a little last minute practicing before service. BRDC is so blessed with a great worship team lead by Mike Haviland. He really does such a great job, everyone does. I love who I get to worship with!

Cindy Ragsdale, E, Sara Rose Doucet and Caroline Bouttee leading worship at BRDC Kids.

I led worship last week but I still have much to learn from the queen, Cindy so she did it this Sunday. She really does an amazing job. Again, I am so grateful to work under people like Jennifer Jareau, who leads BRDC kids in action and Cindy. The love that all the staff and volunteers have for these kids is so evident. Mandy, Daniel, Felix, and all the others, really are making a difference in these kids lives.


Cindy said…
Such sweet comments! I'm no where near the queen - just serving up what God puts on my plate. You rock! It's amazing to serve with you, too!

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