Stupid people shouldn't vote?

This weekend I heard a lot about a survey done in Harlem New York, by Walton and Johnson, a morning radio show. What the DJ's did was pick random African Americans and asked them questions about why they were supporting Obama, only they switched the issues, like they would say "what is it you like best about Obama? his pro-life stance or the fact that he wants to keep the troops in Iraq?" and 99% of the people said "yea, I like all that" or something a long those lines. They didn't know that the issues were actually opposite of what Obama was proposing. Supposedly this survey was to prove a point that most African American people are only voting for Obama because he is black.

Everyone that told me about this radio stunt felt it surely proved the point cuz' all those surveyed said they were voting for Obama yet didn't refute the interviewer when they reversed the stances on issues with McCain's stance.

I wonder why they didn't also go to a low income trailer park populated by white people, like maybe in Kentucky or Alabama, ask them the same questions like they did black people in Harlem? I say go a step further, ask both groups of people if the issues WERE actually reversed would they cross race lines to vote, or would they cross party lines?

But a more troubling comment kept emerging while this Radio survey was being discussed. I heard many people say "stupid people should not be allowed to vote!" I would reply with "Why? are they not American Citizens, over 18yrs of age, met the residency requirements, registered voters?" Dang, I bet there are some stupid soldiers fighting for this country right now. I know for sure there are some stupid policy makers who, even with all the facts in front of them and a college degree are making stupid decisions as I type.

Heck, I got chewed out by a smart educated businessman for saying I felt sorry for Bush yet this is the same guy that said the problem in Iraq could be solved by dropping a bomb big enough to wipe out the entire country. Yea, lets keep the smart, educated people in charge cuz' they make good decisions.

Let's make even more people feel like they are not worthy of voting but then turn around and complain when voter turn out is low. Can't have it both ways, either stupid people get to vote or you have low voter turn out, which do you prefer?

Seriously, how many times have you went into the voting booth and not really known the candidates at all but just voted along party lines? How is that any different then voting for someone you feel relates to your life, your upbringing, your race? It's not. Both scenarios should vote based on more information, but a lot of even very smart people don't.

In America, where we say we are all created equal with the right to vote if we are 18 years of age and a citizen of the U.S. who meets the residency requirements of his or her state, we get to vote for whoever we want whether we know crap about them or just think we know a lot about them.

That, my friend is America, that's what makes this country great, that's freedom...let it ring.


Anonymous said…
They did a street survey not too long ago and ask people on the street mostly white people who the president is and who is running for president. Over half did not know. That is just crazy. At least this presidental race is getting more people to pay attention. Remember God puts up leaders and take down leaders. Whoever wins it is all part of the plan.
Benjamin said…
It is established that African Americans associate more closely with Republicans on social moral issues such as abortion and gay marriage. For some reason in election after election they vote 90% Democrat.

I have no problem with stupid voters. What I do have a problem with is begging/bribing/cajoling people to register and go to the polls. What we don't need is a bunch of people who don't care voting simply because someone gave them a free cigarette.
Honestly, that radio show usually has racially biased information. I hated ever listening to the show because it was to me very much filled with inbedded prejudiced disguised under comedy, survey, or factual news.
stupid voters should be allowed to vote, but education is free in this country, so you should at least have to be able to read. Having someone go in there with you and say "pick this one" is wrong. It also seems a little biased to let people who don't have a job & rely on the govt for their income to vote. Who do you think they're going to vote for?Whoever promises the most goodies. The govt pays their incomes for no work in return (I'm speaking of welfare); it's almost as if they're getting paid to vote.

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