Probably one of the reasons I'm sick...

After refinishing the chest of drawers for Steele and A's room I then moved on to stripping this dresser. It had several layers of paint on it, even some Lord of the Rings decoupage. As I started sanding it, I liked the way it looked with "some" of the paint sanded off so I left it like that.

But now, I am sick. Could be the flu, but I have fatigue and not much else. My stomach was aching on Friday, and then that night I had to take Pepto-Bismol a couple times to settle my stomach but yesterday and today it's just fatigue. Like super super tired and weak. I stayed in bed all day yesterday and then today I got up and went to the Dream Center with the family but then had to come home after only an hour of being there, I just felt too bad. Right at this minute I am missing book club, Lorri agreed to lead it for me, cuz' I knew I couldn't go.

So, this is my theory; the constant sanding with an electric sander made my muscles weak and the inhaling of sanding dust, has caused the flu type symptoms. Yes, I know I'm not a doctor, I know I'm just making an educated guess but that's the best I can do right now.

Mom, don't freak, if I'm still feeling bad tomorrow I will go to the doctor.

For now, what do you all think about this piece of furniture? I think its funky. I have it in my dining room..


Anonymous said…
Hello baby. Please let me know how you are feeling today. Go to the doctor and get blood work if you are not feeling alot better.
I love you. MOM
Anonymous said…
Carole-I need you to come paint the cabinets in my new house...

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