Old friends..

Ammye, Candie, Ammye's son Harrison, her husband Blake, Candie's son Micah, Dean and Wade.

In 1984 I moved to Baton Rouge to live with my dad. It was my junior year in high school. Over the next two years I met most of the friends I have to this very day.

Saturday night some of us got together. Many of us still live here in Baton Rouge, two flew in from Tennessee and Colorado, others drove from Georgia and Dallas. Robin, our host, was George's wife. George died a little over a year ago. We ALL missed him terribly at this get together. BUT it is cool that he is now home with Jesus and we have some really really great memories of him.

I loved talking politics with this group. We actually can all do it with grace, even me, we've all grown up a bit. But in so many ways we are all still thous 16-17 yr old kids too.

Thank you Jesus for life long friends.

Brian, and Wade

Jimmy and Ammye's husband Blake holding their new baby Bella.

Wade, Greg Robin and Jeff.


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