The last Friday Thrive meeting

Today was the last Friday Thrive meeting. We have been apart of this outreach for two years. It was a sad day BUT it's good. There are some changes in process right now at the BRDC, Thrive may not be on Fridays anymore but a more efficient way to reach and build people is in the works so I am actually excited about all the changes. Dean asked Reverend Pastor Bishop Craig Boutte, "what are we supposed to do on Friday now?" but we all know there is plenty of work to be done on Fridays. I wish everyone that was a part of HPC would come help in the boutique, come paint, or help at ASAP Tuesday through Thursday afternoons. Serve at homeless breakfast or be a part of the daily street outreach program to underage prostitutes. There is always work to be done reaching our community for Jesus so I'm sure we will stay busy on Fridays.

I'm really excited about two things coming up; one is a new reading time at the Alamo Motel. We are going to do a picnic once a month outside at the Alamo, serve lunch to the kids and have them sit around so we can read to them. Then we will play games, let them know about church and pick up times for it and give them books. So, the connection with the kids from Thrive will still be able to be maintained.

Also, this Sunday will be my first Sunday leading worship in BRDC Kids church! Yes, Cindy is cutting me lose. She has been training me for a few weeks and now, I just gotta do it. I'm nervous but I know it's gonna be great, even if I do awful ;-)

I love how God is working. Dean and I both have been pulled into the BRDC kids area, him with security and me with worship and it's so cool because we know these kids and desire to have relationships with them. Dean knows many of them from picking them up for Sunday service on the van and we know many of them from Thrive. It's like God is continuing what he started in all of us, it's just looking a little different then we would have thought. And that's ok.

So we transition into these new things for His kingdom and it's all good, all very good.

Here are some pictures from this last day of Friday Thrive..

Summer, Jennifer, Susan, Lori, Jeanie, Clino and Donna ready for the ladies to arrive..

The first few ladies that arrived for Thrive today..

Nadia and Evangeline always helping with the kids..

Evangeline with Larry, one of the preschool kids.

SOME of the Thrive volunteers, Mrs. Jeanie and Jerry, Frank and Vince, Dean E and Cameron.

Ladies shopping in the boutique..

Israel, Destiny and E sorting clothes in the boutique.

Susan Rogers (who I started serving with at Thrive two years ago) and Steele and I.


Anonymous said…
Found your blog via 17 Seeds and I look forward to reading more...especially, your writings on adoption. This is a topic close to my heart as that I have few adopted children myself (2 from Ethiopia).

I'll check back often.
Jazztheologian (
Girl, brought tears to my eyes to think of no more thrive. I know change is good. I know change is good. I know change is good! :)

Yeah, I finally made it onto the famous blog!

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