Grace in Politics

"..politics which always runs by the rule of ungrace, allures us to trade away grace for power.." CS Lewis

Anyone who reads this blog, that has known me for a while, knows my political views have changed dramatically over the last two or three years. I spent 20 yrs overdosing on Rush Limbaugh, Fox news, and all the propaganda of the religious right. I quite literally was a student of all things Republican, I read Anne Coulters books, listen to Rush every day for the entire 3 hours his show aired, I was an active member of Operation Rescue, attended Bush rallies and campaigned strong for all things Republican. I believed Republican equaled Christian and Democrat equaled non-Christian. But I no longer feel that way.

For me it ALL comes down to Grace. I started to see the vile tactics used by the party said to be allied with my Christian faith. I started to see how I had spoken in extremes and fear concerning Democrats. I started to see clearly the evil of nasty e-mails circulated at election time, the You Tube propaganda and the freakish anger that comes to the surface, even between friends, when you DARE question a Republican or give credit to a Democrat. I saw the party I so completely aligned myself with as being just as bad as the Democratic party which I constantly vilified as evil. I saw no grace from myself and many Christians towards anyone that didn't agree hook line and sinker with the tactics of Family Values political groups, aka, the Republican party. So I repented of the ungrace and fear in my heart and last August I registered as an Independent. I don't feel I fit into either party anymore.

BUT I would say I am half way completely in both parties. I can now see the good in the Democrats and Republicans BUT I can not see Jesus in either parties campaigning. No, I'm not talking about the actual candidates. I think both John McCain and Barak Obama have been very gracious toward each other but the citizens and campaign organizers on both sides need a lesson in more grace less fear mongering.

I get so mad when people talk bad about Barak Obama. I think he is wrong and misguided on Abortion and how to fix the problem of poverty in America but I think he's a good person, with a good heart who really is a follower of Christ. I don't get why, even if he was a flaming homosexual, Muslim Cleric, it would be OK for Christians to act so vile and mean towards him. Would Jesus?

I tell anyone who asks what issues I agree and disagree with between both candidates but I have no need to get angry or feel like it's up to me to change their vote. We all need to vote, vote for the person we think will be the best leader for this country, Research the candidates lives, Look at their eyes when you watch a debate, pray for God to show you that persons true color, not with a view tainted by rhetoric but with a heart full of grace and love for your fellow man, extending grace to even that person you couldn't imagine being President.

Proverbs 24:17 17 Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when he stumbles, do not let your heart rejoice.

Mother Theresa was invited to the National Prayer Breakfast when Bill Clinton was president. She spoke very directly to the issue of abortion. She told the pro-choice President that the great sin of America was how it treated the unborn. She said she would take all the babies and find homes for them as she had over 3000 children in India. No one doubted she would do just that, even though it seemed impossible, why? Because Mother Theresa's life was an example of what it looks like to really love your neighbor as yourself. At that prayer breakfast, though she was opposing President Bill Clinton, she was full of both passion and grace. After the speech he met privately with Mother Theresa and to this day says that meeting had a profound influence on him. What I am saying is we don't have to vote for someone we disagree with, we don't have to support them but we do have to love and extend Grace to them if we are going to call ourselves followers of Christ. The Religious Right is known as a legalistic, moralistic, loveless, extreme of the Republican party because there is no Grace shown to anyone that opposes them. That is not Jesus.

Finally I want to say, don't give your passion to politics, give your passion to Christ. Walking in His love, extending His grace at all times. Whether it's eating with tax collectors or prostitutes, Soldiers or Pharisees, treat all people as Jesus would and did.

John 13:34-35 34 "A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. 35 By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."


Anonymous said…
Period. End of discussion. Bravo.
Anonymous said…
Oh, yeah, Sista'! I'm feeling it! Your fellow independent, Melissa
Anonymous said…
ive enjoyed reading your posts...keep up the great blogging...mike.
Anonymous said…
Well, my beautiful loving daughter has matured into the wonderful christian woman I knew she always was. When you begin to understand Grace you understand what being a christian really is. LOVE MOM
Anonymous said…
Thanks. Needed to read that today. And everyday. Much love,
Anonymous said…
i think that was the last thing i commented on your blog as well...
can't help it.
you left me speechless again.
very well said.
HerstoryGirl said…
You already know that I agree with you, but I think more people need to read this.
Gonna link it...
Thanks, girl.
Anonymous said…
Just because Barak Obama says he is a Christian doesn't mean he is. It was the "Christians" that helped put Hitler into power. No they didn't think he was bad untell it was to late. The National platform of the Dems stand for way to many unrightious things for me to be voting that way any time soon. The Christians will be decieved in the last days. But nice try!
Unknown said…
Good point about the Republicans not always being right.. Less point and blame action, and more action in our government. Not so sure about the whole Barak being a follower of Jesus thing.. Following Jesus means taking up your cross daily and living your life on the principles found in God's Word. Socialism and abortion are not found in the Bible. The verse about if no man works he doesn't eat. yeah.. I'm not going to tell you how to vote Mrs. Carole; I can only go by what convictions I have and by founding those convictions on the Word.. Redistribution of the wealth.. no. because it's the church's job to take care of the needs of the poor, not government. Redistribution = socialism which is Communism.. 'nuf said. Choices.. elect Obama? Or McCain, who I don't love, but he definitely lines up more with the Bible than Obama, and.. not to mention the next President will appoint up to four justices on the Supreme Court, who will in turn dictate the tone of our nation for the next 50 years. I don't want to lose my 2nd Amendment.. Word up!

Can't say I agree with that. I do agree that both parties seem to have lost their way, but if you read Obama's true past, you can't honestly say he's a good person. He's the furthest thing from a good person. He's a racist and unless he has recently changed his views, he's definitely not telling the truth. His speech does not match his actions. Oh, don't get me wrong; he sounds great. But what he says is not even close to what he has done. I can't support someone who is a proponent of partial-birth abortion, appointing liberal judges to legislate from the bench, and who can't even produce a real birth certificate. What's he hiding?

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