The Good Doctor and Crazy Italians

Back row-Homeless friends, Robert, Don, Joe Bob, with Nurse Ellen, Dr. Cheri and Vince. Front-Frank, Steele and E.

As many of you know Evangeline serves the homeless people of Baton Rouge every Thursday morning. She gets up at 4:30am to go cook the breakfast with a few other "No Place Outreach" volunteers then they go to a parking lot of a vacant bar down town to serve the breakfast. She does all this under the leadership of Frank and Vince Bellipanni. They love the Homeless.

Well last week Frank and Vince discovered that a few of their homeless homies were suffering with staff infection. They gave them the medication they had like niosporum and band aids but knew that what they were dealing with required more then just that. So, Vince sent out an E-mail asking the prayer chain at HPC to pray for the Staff infection going around the homeless community.

Not long after Dr. Cheri Leblanc MD called them and said she would be happy to go see the homeless people that were suffering from this. Yesterday I had the privilege of going with a few of the No Place Outreach team and Dr Cheri to visit these infected homeless friends. I almost cried a couple times watching the love and concern of Dr Cheri, nurse Ellen, Frank, Vince and my little E herself.

Whats extra cool is we didn't just drive around looking for the homeless on the streets of down town. E and the Bellipanni brothers have long since went "roaming" for the homeless, finding where they live which is usually by the river,or on old industrial decks an not easily found or accessed "camps". That didn't stop Dr. Cheri. She even said at one point "I didn't need to go to Honduras to walk over dangerous bridges".

I saw tears of gratitude come to the eyes of Joe Bob, a homeless man suffering with infintigo,he was grateful for her visit, her touch and her concern. After she treated him she sat down and they talked about Jesus and prayed together.

One lady that has a very severe infection in her hand would not let Dr Cheri look at it. But she would talk to E and nurse Ellen about maybe going back to the Sisters of Charity Shelter. Frank Vince and Dr Cheri were able to talk to the Nuns at Sisters of Charity shelter about taking this homeless lady back in and letting Dr. Cheri come see her there.

It was a wonderful afternoon of walking in the heat, over dangerous bridges, deep into woods, bargaining with nuns, prayer, Dr visits to remote camps of homeless people and Vince trading his good, water proof shoes with a homeless mans shoes because they were so ratty and torn up.

That's what I call an adventure! A great adventure.

Heading to the Graffiti camp by the river. I LOVE the look of this place. So cool.

Dr. Cheri examining Joe Bob.

Steele, Me and E by one of the Iron graffiti walls.

My amazing girl, E, posing by one of the very cool grafitti walls.

Steele posing at one of the "camps" by the river.

On the way back from the graffiti camp.

Stopping by Richards house (former homeless man who has been in an apt. for over 6 months now, who No Place Outreach and Dr. Cheri helped get a prosthetic arm last year.) to check up on him. This is Dr. Cheri taking his blood pressure.


Anonymous said…
Hey Carol, i really enjoyed reading your blog about the Doctor and the Crazy Italians !! God has blessed a seed that was planted in our hearts a long time ago to help the homeless and God's special "Healing Place Church" provided the fertile soil in which for that seed to grow and become a REALITY !! We each only have two hands but God multiplies those hands into many He has brought incredible volunteers (too many to name) to join in this ADVENTURE, HIS ADVENTURE.,,
Your photos with the grafitti leave out one small detail,, the fact that the abandoned platform has about a 50 to 70 foot drop off into the dangerous swirling Mississippi River below, pretty scary when you LOOK OVER THE EDGE,,, but then again that is God living on the edge thru us.... GOD BLESS, franco B.
p.s. vince brought home the dog we found after the midnight outreach, we named him Benny after the bar we had so much fun "ministering at"... know anyone who needs a dog? p.s. 2 what kind of mother are you to let your precious little girl Evangeline go do homeless outreaches to dangerous places?? I would say an incredible Mother !!!
wow! wow! wow!
Lesley said…
I was in tears after reading your post!

Thank God for Dr.Cheri, E, you, Frank, and everyone who went out in search of those precious people... God's children just like us. I pray that each of their infections are gone and that each of them is healed!!!!!

My sister recently had a raging staph infection after having her baby in May. She ended up being readmitted into the hospital for a week and was on IV meds for close to a month. It is a scary, dangerous kind of infection.

I pray that each of their infections are gone and that each of them is healed!!!!! It is a blessing to be part of a church that ministers to EVERYONE!

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