Drive by Pizza

Trey, E, Steele and Neia standing on the corner of Beechwood and Winbourne, letting the people know about the free pizza.

Wednesdays at ASAP (the after school program at the Baton Rouge Dream Center) is a leadership training time. Today the leaders got to serve their community with a little Frozen Pizza and Snapple Tea give away.

I LOVE how HPC flows cuz' this was completely impromptu. See, we had gotten a truck load of food from Operation Blessing, with one pallet being stacked about 8 foot high with fresh frozen pizzas. There certainly wasn't enough freezer space to store them all to give away at a later time, so Reverend Boutte and Nathan decided to let the ASAP leaders in training, hook the neighborhood up with some Pizza. We gave out over 150 pizzas and about as much Snapple. And we gave the people fliers about Family Day on November 2nd, Church and the ASAP program.

It was a great day.

Nathan getting ready to go give a car some pizza.

Reverend Boutte hooking up some dudes on bikes with some pizza and fliers for family day.

The Free Pizza team.

This is video I took with my phone while we were doing the Free Pizza outreach...I can't believe how stinkin country I sound!


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