A chest of drawers for "A"

Lorri gave me this dresser for A. It's the perfect size, perfect wood, everything for his and Steele's room. I actually have begged her for this chest of drawers for a while cuz' it goes so perfectly with Steele's bunk beds, now it's gonna be for A's clothes.

As I was putting it in the room, I felt a hit of reality, "this is gonna happen" cuz' honestly after waiting so long, sometimes I start to feel like it never is. Now with the court date, and the new chest of drawers, it's feeling more and more real.

We already have clothes to put it it too. Gina Bohl and Cindy Ragsdale have already given clothes to A. So, it's all just waiting for him to get here like we are...it's getting closer. Thank you Jesus.


so excited for all this to happen
Adeye said…
I have been following your blog for a while and am sooooo thrilled that VERY soon you will have your new addition. Thank you for allowing me to journey with you, it is such a joy to see what God does in and through you. I am so excited for your family!
Adeye Salem

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