10 things that DO Offend me..

That some people think shouldn't or wouldn't..

  1. Smacking and eating with your mouth open.
  2. Rude kids.
  3. Arrogance, especially in preachers.
  4. Choosing to remain ignorant.
  5. The "us and them" mentality in the church between white and black people.
  6. Using any kind of sexual imagery to sell God.
  7. excuses.
  8. Materialism and consumerism disguised as prosperity theology.
  9. The confederate flag.
  10. Mixing church and state, like endorsing a candidate from the pulpit.


what is sexual imagery to sell God? i dont think i'm familiar with that.
Carole Turner said…
Like this Jennifer,
Anonymous said…
Promoting a candidate from the pulpit is a GREAT freedom that MORE Pastors should exercise!!

The Confederate Flag means more then what Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton says it does!

Church should be involved in affairs of the State!! That is how our country was founded.
Carole Turner said…
Your very wrong on so many levels Shaun.
Anonymous said…
help me out here...where am I wrong? Pastors used to talk politics from the pulpit. They advocated the man that represented the Founding principles and that served God. However, we have gotten away from this and we now have the mess that we have because of it.

The Confederate Flag was NOT about slavery, if that is what you are trying to say. By all accounts and according the Constitution the South was right. The Federal government had no right to inforce their views of on the States. The 14th (if I remember right) gave all powers that were not given to the government to the State or the people. All the issues of the Civil War should have been voted on on the State level.

And since the founding of the founding of the country the Church has been and should be involved in the realm of politics. Thats how freedom came about. Study our history it's all their.

By the way I really love talking and debating with you. You challenge me to be sharp. Thank You. Much love
Anonymous said…
A few errors in my last comment:
14 Amendment is what I meant
I also seemed to repeat myself a couple of times. Sorry. LOL

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