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As many of you know (and some have critiqued) I don't spell so well. But let me tell you, I found the greatest site! Spelling City is so cool! It has list from books, you can make a list from a book or whatever, it has list by grades, which is what I use for Evangeline and it even test you! I found it for E but I am really digging it.

If you home school, I highly recommend this site.

I'm also digging the English and Social Studies site we use for her schooling. We all like to play the map games on the Social Studies site and I am learning all kinds of grammar and writing skills from the English site.

I had heard people say how they are able to home school for free by using the Internet but this is the first time I have really found something that can be used all year and really give her all she needs (cuz' it's by grade). I am still looking for a good math web site.

I want E to be a fantastic speller. I want her to excel in English, History and Geography. Yes, I teach her math and she is good at it. I know it's important, very important, but I also know she loves the elements of learning that involve words and history so I want to really encourage that...you know when she's president, she will need all that ;-)

I think this Spring we are all going to try and learn another language, I'm gonna look into learning A's language. He spoke mainly Tigrinya when he entered the orphanage over a year ago but now they mainly speak Amharic to him so our rep said he probably knows it better now. I think it would be so cool to know his language and him to know ours. We will see.


Wendi said…
Thanks for sharing that site!! That is so cool! I just starting looking into Time4Learning.com (advertised on the spelling city site) b/c it was recommended to me by a home-schooling friend, but this spelling site is the bomb!!! Awesome.

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