Winbourne Widows outreach-pictures from today

This is food prep for the drive by lunch we served at Winbourne, smothered chicken breast, green beans and peaches. We also gave out loaves of bread, Gator Aide and water to each car.

After serving lunch on site some of us hit the streets to visit some of the Winbourne baptist Church elderly and widows and others in the hood that are still without power and food...

This is Barbara Conti (one of my favorite people) talking to Mr Shepard. He's 94 yrs old and lives alone. He has power and Air but prefers to sit outside on his porch fully dressed in Kaki's and a long sleeve button down. I HAD to kiss him on the forehead as we left.

Lorri and Barbara giving flowers, a hot meal and MRE's to a widow that is a member of Winbourne Baptist Church..

And this is Israel, Evangeline and Claira, another widow, in her kitchen. The girls put her Gator aide and water up for her.

She told Us "thank ya'll so much. Your healing place church does good things." and Barbara said "thank you and Winbourne baptist for letting us do it, we wouldn't be here if not for ya'll sharing your church". I almost teared up just thinking about THAT. So true, so true.

This is part of a family of 18 that we brought a hot meal, bread, water, gator aide and MRE's too today. ..

Barbara again, taking a picture of a Young girl who looked very sad in the house of 18..

And this is the Cul-de-sac that they lived in. Many of the neighbors came over for supplies too. It was great that we got to give them stuff they needed.

We left our card with them too, it gives the times for Friday Thrive and Sunday services.

I twittered how much fun I was having with Susan, Barbara and Lorri on this outreach and it was so true. My back is really killing me so I was moving slow but we sure did have fun reaching out to the needy of our community.

I wish I had even half of what Susan, Lorri and Barbara have. They are amazing ladies that I learn so much from.

Thank you Jesus for today.


Elysa said…
Isn't it amazing how FUN it can be to serve others? ;)

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