Meeting Aimee Cait

E and I went to CC's Coffee last night to meet our blog friend, Aimee Cait. She used to live here but we didn't know here then. She is in town for a visit with old friends so we decided to meet up.

We started reading her blog through Josh Bobs blog about a year ago, when she went to England to live and then recently we started exchanging Twitters. E and I both felt like we knew her from all that so it was very cool to meet in person.

She is a complete doll! E invited her to Homeless Outreach next Thursday, she plans to go. I love how small the world is getting.

Good times!


Lesley said…
How cool is that?!! Oh, by the way... you were having an awesome hair day!
Aimee Cait said…
Hey lady! The pictures look so cute! Oh my goodness, it was SO good meeting up with y'all. I had SUCH a good time! I'm lookin' forward to Homeless Outreach... expect a call/text soon! Hope y'all are having a great week!

love, Aimee Cait

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