I'm BACK!! Briefly

Oh My Goah!! I have been dieing without Internet!! I could check my e-mail an Twitter but that's it. Now, I am at Hope Boutte's house doing laundry and blogging. She has power, we do not. BUT we were blessed with a generator so we are able to run a few fans, the fridge and of course the coffee pot.

Life has been very weird the last four days.

We went out looking for homeless people yesterday and hit the Alamo Hotel with some MRE's, PB&J and Red Beans and Rice. E was in her element hanging with her homeless friends on the levee and around down town. They all love her and were so happy to see the No place Outreach team coming with some food. The Alamo was crazy hot! It's so concrete, no trees, nasty and smack full of people. Even some homeland security people were staying there. But the minute we drove up the people came out ready for some food.

I wish I had time to do a big post about all the goings on since the storm hit but in a nut shell; we are all being stretched. HPC wants to serve and is serving but we also are the needy. Many members have major damage, no power, trees on houses, medical needs, etc. and WOW is our church stepping up to help the members as well as the community. I can't say enough how much I love being a part of this family. So, we are getting by with help and helping at the same time. To me it's a wonderful training time for the mission field. I was taking my cold shower and thinking how being without puts everything in perspective. Community, family, friends, they all get tighter and stretched more at the same time during stuff like this.

I feel like I have to pray for joy. Joy for all of us here. The serving and the served, which is all of us really. He will give us Joy and that will get us through anything.

We are headed to the Dream Center to feed the community some wonderful Italian food that Frank and Vince are making.

Thank you Jesus for today.

Here are just a few pics..

I like to call this picture "idiots on a roof" cuz' this was DURING the Hurricane! And I know the Angels were agrivated that they had to go out and hold these stupid boys on the roof ( I know these guys, they go to HPC) AND this didn't work ofcourse, cuz' you cant nail down a tarp on a roof in 90 mile an hour winds!

This is across the street from our house, one of THOUSANDS of downed trees around town.

I wish I had more pics but they are all on my phone and are very tiny. I will try to post again soon.

Check out dinorizzo.com for more up to date info about the aftermath disaster releif. And please continue to follow me on Twitter, I am trying to keep that up to date with play by play of each day.



glad you were able to post. what a simple way to help someone! hey, if you know of someone who is needing clothes washed or just air conditioner and hot meal, I welcome them. Just let me know.

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