Women of God?

I pray that the moms of this generation get a real vision of what is to come and how to equip the next generation of Christian woman. I would love to see woman that taught their daughters the value of community, friendship and people way more then shopping, and things. I would love it if the girls of the church heard constantly about living not for wealth and fashion but for Jesus and his heart for the poor, the needy and the outcast. I would love it if the girls of the church would see woman who loved these things of God more then clothes, cars, houses and manicures. I dream of a day when girls see shopping and "things" as way behind being a light and being salt to a hurting world. When we see the trappings of materialism as distractions to be managed and brought under the lord ship of Christ, not "Just what a girl needs".

I have far to go in these areas, but praise God, He has chipped away at it and will continue to chip away at it until I am done and I see his face. Till then I will keep on keepin on, lovin Him more then anything or anyone else and falling into His grace when I do fall.

Life is too short.


hey, i understand what you're saying. its difficult when we have girls our girls ages. its such a crucial time to give them sense of self and love of Christ---who cares about the latest jeans?! oh, that we'd all get that!

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