How lovely are the feet of them...

Drive through hot meals and a drink being served twice a day at the Dream Center to thousands..

Well here we are seven days after Gustav, the world has moved on but here in south Louisiana we are still in post hurricane restoration mode. We along with at least 45% of the Baton Rouge population still do not have power. As Dino said last night we are supposed to rejoice with thous who rejoice (like the people who get their power restored) but also mourn with those who mourn.

( Romans 12:15
Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.)

We do not mourn for our selves, we have a generator but there are people we need to mourn with tonight. Areas like Donaldsonville LA. where the average YEARLY income is $5000.00! They were hit hard, homes hardly standing before, now no longer livable. People who couldn't afford to prepare for the storm by purchasing batteries, water, food, formula for babies, they are also on day 7 of no power. THEY are who I mourn with.

Also, here in the inner city of Baton Rouge. The area around the Dream Center had the highest crime rate before the storm. Now, no power means really dark streets, really hungry, angry and freakishly hot people, so imagine what their life is like tonight. Imagine that baby who before the storm hardly had enough to eat or a safe place to live, what is their life like now? I mourn with them.

BUT rejoice also. In that darkness, that heat and despair the church is a light. MANY denominations, organizations and HUNDREDS of volunteers are serving those that really need.

At the Donaldsonville Dream Center and the BR Dream Center we are handing out HOT meals twice a day, inviting people to church and praying with people in the streets. We also canvased the neighborhoods several times last week passing out water, MRE's, red beans and Rice and PB&J. We took care of our community, our hood, from chain-saw crews to cooking crews. And we rejoice with our hood, the thankful, the grateful and the child that is not hungry tonight. Jesus is moving, He is walking and talking and touching and feeding and giving diapers too the least of these. How lovely are the feet of them..

So, yes, I rejoice with the hot shower at a friends house and coffee, oh thank you Jesus for coffee. But I rejoice more to be a part of this thing called the church. Local churches like Bethany, Healing Place, Miracle Place, Church of the King, and so many others and national organizations like Samaritans Purse, Service International, Operation Blessing, and MANY MANY more, they are the church and they are meeting the needs.

So I tier, yes, I'm so tired but then I watch Susan Rogers joyously handing people a hot meal through their car window, I hear her laughter and the people in the car laughing too, and I know this is it. I see my husband work all day and then go cut trees when he gets off. I see Lorri, going to our ASAP kids homes to check on them, serving them, giving her gentle voice to people as she gives them a hot meal, I see the faces of the homeless light up as Evangeline, Frank and Vince give them an MRE and a hot meal and I know this is it, this is the churches time to shine. There is nothing else I would rather be a part of.

How lovely are the feet of them that bring good news...

Daniel, another girl and E getting the Red Beans and Rice Ready..

E with Phil and Marlene, they live outside near the Levee, we brought them food..

Lorri and Frank giving a couple homeless guys some Red Beans.

Romans 10:15
And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!


Anonymous said…
What a great experience! H
Anonymous said…
This is the time for the churches to shine, and they are really shining. Thank God for his people. If if were not for the churches you would have a real mess. Waiting on FEMA to organize things and get it done is a joke. Rock On!
HPC and all the churches and their volunteers! God is good!
Lesley said…
Preach Carole, PREACH!! Through all of the Gustav aftermath, I have felt God's presence in an incredibly strong and REAL way. I've spent some time at the BR Campus volunteering and I have been forever changed because of this experience.

You really have a way with words Carole, and I thank you for your wisdom, your heart and your insight. Your post moved me to tears.
Elysa said…
Beautiful, Carole!
I miss my church family. I have been praying for everyone and I am not sure what I am suppose to do from here, but pray. It is frustrating when the national news, CNN, didn't mention the devastation that was happening in Baton Rouge so that everyone thinks it is over. My heart is there rejoicing with the joyous and mourning with the mourners.

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