Help the Orphans Hats on sale NOW

We are selling these custom made hats for $15.00. On the top is written "Help The Orphans" and there is a circle on the side with Africa in it made out of very cool African looking fabric.

Also, if someone says "Hey, how can I help the Orphans?" you just have to look under the bill of the hat and tell them the names of the different web sites that we have written on there.

When you buy this hat you are helping an Orphan come home but also you will be raising awareness of this crisis AND you will look very hip and cool in this trendy hat.

So, E has about 6 hats with her at the Pathfinders/Refuge Epic service tonight.. if you'd like to buy one and I will also take orders here on my blog and on Twitter.


Melinda said…
Cool hats! I would like one. Just tell me how to pay. I would love to look cute with a hat on, but I don't. So either I will just wear it and not look so cute, or one of my girls will. Love the idea!
Lesley said…
I want to order one too!! Let me know how to get the money to you.
I want to order one too. Let me know how to get the money and I will send you my address here in the Domincan Repubblic. Can't wait to wear it! oh yeah email is
Elysa said…
Hey there!

I want to order one for my oldest daughter's bday or Christmas...she's the one going to Swaziland for a month next summer.

Tell me what I need to do to get one.


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