A grateful day..

Hope and Summer with Anthony and another lady serving the community yesterday..

Robin Allice and Sheri May serving it up in the hot sun..

today I am grateful for electricity after 11 days without it,

for a hot shower for my hard working, get up at 4am, husband

and getting to drink a cup of coffee in a cool house.

For being able to get on the computer without having to unplug the refrigerator from the generator.

for clean sheets that don't smell like sweat.

for my kids no longer sleeping on a mattress in my room but actually back in their own bed.

For the new rug Lorri gave me and for her doing my laundry for me yesterday.

I'm thankful for the Reverend-Bishop-Pastor, Craig Boutte and his First Lady Mrs. Hope Bouttee who pastor the HPC Winbourne campus with compassion, high grace and humility.

For pastor Dino who made sure we had a generator and for Randy who made sure we had an AC.

For hot meals every day thanks to Cooking for Christ and other teams from around the nation.

for getting to serve and spend time with new, wonderful woman like Mrs. Sheri May, Robin Allice and Becky Perkins.

And I'm very thankful that my power didn't go out last night as Ike came closer and the rain and wind started, yet it's far enough away from us to be spared the really bad stuff-SO grateful for that.

I'm thankful for my life, my friends, family and the best church family a girl could have. So great serving with you all, so great.

We live to Rock another day!!!


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