Follow me on Twitter for Gustav

It's 8am, the rain has started, the track still says we will get the East side of the storm. Here in Baton Rouge we will get category 1 or 2 winds by this afternoon. SO, me and just about everyone I know will be twittering this storm as much as possible.

Pray for the cost of Louisiana, New Orleans, Houma, Grand Isle.

You can click on the link below to follow all us crazy Cajuns as we weather the storm..


Anonymous said…
hey were in alabama, our house had tree fall on side of it water in harrys room and ac unit baby yet....good times good times...............

blake crawford
Anonymous said…
Hey! I joined Twitter. I'm not sure how to use it. Please post today so I will know y'all are still OK. Joe called me last night and said you had texted him. That was a relief. It is still blowing and raining up there today. Concerned about flooding. Contact me as soon as possible. I love y'all. Love MOM
Melinda said…
Praying for you Carole and for everyone else in the eye of the storm. Hoping all is well with you still. Let us know how you are doing when you get a chance.
not sure what jones-ing means, but proud of you for continuing to serve. cant wait to get back at it soon. adrianne is VERY VERY sick. trying to get in somewhere to get her more diapers. feel like i'm coming down with it again too.
Anonymous said…
Jonesing means having withdrawal systems from an addiction. It means Carole is addicted to blogging. I think we all knew that.
Love MOM

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