FIRST family LSU game

E with her LSU eye shadow..

Walking into the Stadium..

Over cast skies made for a breezy cool game. This was Steele's first LSU game. Dean got a bunch of free tickets so he figured this game would be a good introduction for Steele into Death Valley (Tiger stadium). Steele didn't like it at first, all the noise and people kinda freaked him out, but he got used to it. We sat by some really nice fans, they fed Steele Spicy peanuts and one guy kept yelling at me for texting when I was supposed to be cheering. I had one of those really great cushioned seats, which I can't imagine how I ever sat through a game without one before, but me and the kids were ready to go at half time so we left then.

We're ready for a big game now, Florida, Auburn, Alabama, I think E, Steele and I will paint our faces for one of them.


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