Confessions of a former Republican

After 20 years as a registered and loyal Republican, two months ago I registered as an Independent. With this upcoming presidential election I plan to vote for John McCain. I did consider voting for Obama for a long time but after reviewing everything there is available about both candidates, I believe McCain is the better choice to be our next president.

I hate all the crap that comes along with and election season. All the labels, hype and pimping that goes on by both parties. I detest the Religious rights blackmailing and fear mongering of Christ followers and I want to vomit every time I see a Hollywood type acting like they didn't once love McCain when he was fighting a Bush policy. It's all just disgusting and I want no part of it. That is why I became an Independent.

When your an independent you can praise the good of both parties and point out the bad.Like Joe Lieberman at the Republican National Convention, he gave props to both parties but has thrown his support behind McCain. (unless of course you are with Republi-Christian friends and you decide to say something against a Bush policy, THEN you get yelled at and your Christianity called into question and they blame the Liberal Media for your brain washing)

Abortion THE issue?

First let me set the record straight, I have lived a completely pro-life life. I was arrested three times protesting outside abortion clinics, I have adopted and am in the process of adopting again. I have worked at crisis pregnancy centers and begged teenage friends of relatives to not abort and offered my home to them. So don't anyone tell me about "Being" pro-life just by who you vote for or what candidate you send your money too.

In 40 years since Roe Vs Wade 28 of those years were governed by Republican Presidents, Nixon, For, Reagan, Bush, Bush. Yet, NONE of them succeeded in getting Roe Vs Wade overturned. They appointed Judges, congress went from Democratic control, to republican and back again, yet nothing changed politically. YET abortions dropped and continue to drop, why? Well I think Operation rescue activities in the 90's raised awareness, also Science now can show the development much earlier and birth control is much more accessible. SO nothing in the halls of congress or the white house actually caused this decrease in abortions.

My point is, in order to make real change with issues like Abortion we have to do something ourselves. Yes, I still want Roe vs Wade overturned but it's not the only issue I care about so it cant be the only thing I consider when looking at a candidate for president. Things like poverty in America, Fair Trade, AIDS, the environment, they all effect the least of these also and they are issues that I have to consider as well when looking at a candidate.

The AIDS crisis alone is a huge pro-life issue, getting medication to 45 million AIDS sufferers so that they don't leave behind another 15 million Orphans IS huge and is something the president has control over (BTW Bush has given more then any other president toward AIDS-props to him) Which candidates policies will help stop THIS Holocaust? Which president will work toward getting Impoverished countries afordable AIDS medications? Which will allow the starving farmer Fair Trade so that he can profit from his Coffee bean equal to the profit of Starbucks? These are all pro-life issues to me just as much as abortion.

More later..


Melinda said…
I couldn't agree with you more! I do not consider myself a member of either party. I don't like different things about both candidates. McCain is getting my vote, but I can't support everything he stands for. The bottom line is politics is not the answer to our problems. Jesus is period!! Everyone of us who call ourselves Christian need to step up and start being the hands and feet of Christ. We can't say we are pro-life, but are not pro-adopt. We have to start caring and showing true compassion for the least of these. We need to care about those afflicted with AIDS, those living in extreme poverty, those that are being sold as sex slaves at the age of 10. If we spent half the time advocating for these groups of people as we spend on politics or the economy we could really accomplish something!
I doubt Roe v Wade will ever be overturned, but I can't support a candidate that is very much for abortion and will even vote for killing babies born pre-term.
Wow! You did a great job on this post.

I have been a crisis pregnancy and adoption services volunteer for almost 15 years. At one point, a few years ago, I read the majority of women seeking abortions listed themselves as Christians. It seems the Church has a long way to go to reduce abortions in America.
I have been registered independent for so long. If I ever mentioned I was independent I would get the questioning look as to my own Christian walk. I love the post. The funny thing is listening to my kids who are from all over the country really get into American politics. Unfortunately, the Democratic party and anit-Bush advocates have done a fantastic job in their propaganda overseas. It amazes me.
Lauren said…
Thanks! You really summed up what I've been thinking. I'm all about pro-life, but life outside the womb is pretty important too. When I say stuff like that, I can see the look in people's eyes --is she still a Christian or is she changing into a democrat:)

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