Adoption Update

We still do not have a court date, every day, I still look to see if an E-mail or a call has come that says we do but so far, no. So, we still wait and now we just pray we have him home by the Holidays. 9 months so far, almost 10 since we started this process. Thank God I didn't know this would take so long when we started cuz' I am sure I would have went crazy.

We did get some great new video of him that we all loved watching. He is very thin and small, more the size of a small 6 yr old then a 7 year old. Our lady at the agency said the government will probably age him at just turning 7 when we get him. I can't wait to fatten him up!

Life is so good though only because God is good. See, he tells us to do things like die to self, be salt and light, love unconditionally, take care of the least of these, and if we just read that then it looks like a really hard sacrificing life, but the great thing about God is you can't out give Him. You can't out give him in time, money, work, anything, He always fills you back up to overflowing. So if you love God, want to live for Him then the reason its such a blessing to serve others is because God tells us to do it and He blesses it.

So, I said all that to say, even though I long for and miss A and want him home so desperately, God is filling my heart with so much at the same time. Our family GETS to work in the inner city with the most amazing people and for the most amazing people. I can't imagine sitting around feeling sorry for myself of just wishing time would pass till my blessing got here cuz' I am living in the blessing right now. "work while it is day..", "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you", these are what makes everything go, every day great and I am so thankful for it all.

There are so many great idea's on the table right now for Orphan care. I have submitted one to HPC, others I am jumping into and still others that I want to support but all in all the time is now to act on Orphan care and I think God is calling me to help raise awareness and maybe even more, we will see what God does. It's an exciting time.

Please pray for A to be home soon and pray that we his family will be ready. God prepare our hearts, home, lives and everything to make A's transition as smooth as possible when he gets here.

Thank you and God bless you all!


Anonymous said…
yep - he's slick willy with dark skin

a good tv personality and will be the most liberal, tax sucking prez we've has since clinton enacted the quote 'everyone should have a house no matter what their income' philosophy that got us into this mess circa jimmy carter.

but, like clinton, the devil wears prada

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