Adoption and Orphan Care, my perspective..

I think Orphans need to be cared for however that can be accomplished. As Melissa Faye Green says "adoption is not THE answer but it is one answer". Twenty five thousand children were adopted in 2006 so just simple math says that if you currently have twelve million Orphans from AIDS alone in Sub Saharan Africa, then adoption is definitely not the answer but only part of THE answer.

I believe that every Christian should do something to care for Orphans. Scripture tells us too. Currently the opportunity to serve the Orphan is wide open with possibilities. There are many sponsorship programs, adoption funds, orphanages and care points that care for Orphans. Even at the minimal amount of $5.00 a month, a child could be fed, schooled, loved. Every American Christian could afford that. 250 million people in America profess to be practicing Christians, that's a lot of money.

Some believe that adoption is a form of evangelism. I would say all forms of Orphan care is evangelism if motivated by a love for God and a love for people. When we fund Red Letters, Watoto , World Vision, Children's Cup or Missions of Mercy, just to name a few, we are giving money to orphan care organizations that teach the children about Jesus, in word and in deed-true evangelism.

So, yea, I love adoption, I wish everyone would adopt but no I don't think everyone is called to adopt but I do believe everyone is called to act on this crisis right now. This is the crisis of our generation, we cannot ignore it. We are His hands and feet on this earth so we dare not ask Him "why", Only "what would you have me do Lord"?


Elysa said…
Beautiful and passionate post, Carole.

I'm hoping you all are going to be untouched by Ike.

Sadly, he's already being felt on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. There is already water over many roads including front beach's Hwy 90 and the Southern parts of Pascagoula. And it's not even raining!

Lord, have mercy.

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