14 years ago today...

I married the best guy..

the most amazing father..

who is so fun...

who I have now forgiven for shoving cake up my noise on that day..

and who I love WAY more today then I did then.

Thanks Dean for being so much better then I could have even dreamed.

Your my partner, my friend and my love.


Anonymous said…
OK, that made me cry. Happy Anniversary to my favorite son-in-law and his wife, my beautiful middle child. Love MOM
Connie Firmin said…
Happy Anniversary!
HerstoryGirl said…
Happy Anniversary to an AWESOME couple. Love you guys!!
What a wonderful day of celebration! Congrats on 14. I LOVE the wedding photo!
Lesley said…
Happy Anniversary to both of you!! The two of you make an amazing couple and your passion for serving God's people together is amazing!!!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations! Do you think the cake up your nose is the reason for the sinus surgery...maybe ??
Anne ; )
Anonymous said…
I am so happy for you both. You are the perfect match. I love you.
Anonymous said…
does that wedding picture take you back or what!!!

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