10 things that don't offend me..

..that some people think should or would..

  1. If people cuss, even in front of my kids (we work in the inner city with teenagers and I have family members that could out cuss EMINEM.. my kids have heard it all)
  2. If you think I'm weird.
  3. cigarettes smoke.
  4. people who call be a liberal.
  5. people who call me conservative.
  6. Drunk people.
  7. If you fart, cuz I can't smell.
  8. If you let your 9 yr old daughter shave her legs or wear make up.
  9. when my son says Nuts or Butt.
  10. If my kids are around Lesbians and Gay guys (cuz' we've had the talk, and they know that they are to love gay people just like they love their cousin that lives with her boyfriend).

Stay tuned for things that DO OFFEND me that people think shouldn't or wouldn't..


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