Why I can't lose weight..

I love Bread.

Tonight when we got home from Church I heated up some homemade Black Eyed Peas and Rice and there is no way you can eat that without French bread! The problem for me is, as I am taking bite after bite of bread, I only want more bread. I start to think how I have never eaten anything better, I start to plot cutting another piece, I start telling myself that every bite of peas and rice requires a bite of French Bread slathered with real butter! I cross over into a blind fit of bread eating frenzy and it's good, really good.

I love bread.


Anonymous said…
I wasn't eating very much and still not loosing weight until I stopped eating anything with High Furtose Corn syrup in it. I am also eating egg beaters and one piece of Whole Wheat toast. Great Value Whole Wheat does not have High furtose corn syrup in it and also Arnolds Whole Wheat. You might try these breads and see if it works. Love MOM
Anonymous said…
yummmm....bread and real butter, got to love it, got top have it! :)
Anonymous said…
Should be got to have it. sorry for the typo

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