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Tonight I heard Marilyn Skinner speak. Her and her husband founded Watoto Ministries in Uganda. I tried not to cry the entire time she was speaking but between holding back tears I was also holding back MANY shouts of "Preach that sister!!" I just absolutely loved everything she had to say. She inspired me so much.

I knew once I saw the table of sponsor opportunities that I would have to sponsor a child. I couldn't decide between a baby home, a boy, girl or a mother. Donna Frank said "why don't you call your husband and ask him, you know since your financially adopting a child, you might want to consult him with that." She made a good point. So I called and he said to sponsor a girl. I then had to decide which of the MANY girls that had their profiles on the table, to sponsor. Tori helped, Jennifer Laird, but I just wasn't sure. We read profiles, narrowed it down to a couple then I asked the Lady working the table, that is a Watoto employee, which one she would choose, she showed me a girl who had no birth day, had been a child house slave for the LRA (read about that HERE) and now was singing and traveling with the Watoto Choir. I knew she was our girl. I saw that smile that was ever so slight yet the son was shinning in her face. Her name is Constance and I hope to one day meet her in person.

My entire family was so excited to read about her and to see her picture. We will write her and she will write us. I look forward to seeing her life flourish. She has already inspired me.

When Dean was looking at her profile and picture he turned the picture over and read to me the scripture that is on the back,

"He picks up the poor from out of the dirt, rescues the wretched who've been thrown out with the trash and seats them among the honored guest, A place of honor among the brightest and the best. He gives the barren woman a home, so that she becomes a happy mother."
Psalms 113:7-9

Yes He does, yes He does.

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