Saturday recap

7:00am- Got up and went to the Adoption Workshop where I met two couples considering adopting from Ethiopia. Very cool.

12:00 noon- went to Target to get hurricane supplies. Love Target.

1:30pm-Went to HPC to make calls to all the churches in the area for PRC and HPC disaster relief. We called to see which churches or faith based organizations would be able to serve as a shelter.HPC Highland Rd will be used as a rest area-to grab a bite to eat, use the restroom, get information about shelters, and receive love and prayer.

3:30pm- Came home, kids played in the neighbors blow up pool, I checked E-mails, swept the kitchen floor, did laundry and put up Hurricane supplies. Then I sat on the computer watching a 60 minutes Katrina Anniversary special on the web. Very moving and a very fitting thing to watch today.

6:00pm- Dean FINALLY got home from work. (He doesn't have to work tomorrow thank the lord.)

6:30pm- I left for a get together with Lorri and Anne at Carrabba's where I ate salad, drank coffee and was nice. And Dean and the kids went to Buffalo Wild Wings.

NOW we are all home. Dean is laying on the couch watching the news,

I am folding laundry ( sorry no picture ;-O ),

and Steele is serving as kitchen support for E as she makes Muffin's for the Nursing home staff that is now staying at the Winbourne-BR Dream Center with 120 assisted living residence evacuees from New Orleans.

What a day! We will all sleep well tonight.


Unknown said…
Oh my, you have been busy

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