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Tonight was the graduation ceremonies for the summer intern program E did. She went part time, only going on Tuesdays so she could do homeless outreach on Thursdays (which was the other day of classes). I am very proud of her. She has grown so much this last few months.

This is E with Sarah, Leah and Tori, her favorite older chicks. She looked beautiful in her .50 cent garage sale dress. And she is as bad as me telling everyone how cheap it was! They were like "What?! mine was like $50.00!"

I did her hair. She said she wanted it to look like mind did for my moms party.


Lesley said…
Congratulations E!!!!!! You look absolutely beautiful!! Y'all aren't the only ones who run around all excited about finding a bargain...I do it all of the time too!!

Carole, you must be so incredibly proud of her. What a blessing to have a daughter like E!! You and Dean are doing an amazing job raising her to be Christ-like. What more could a parent ask for?

Be Blessed!!!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations my beautiful girl!
You look so pretty, and I love the hair. GrandPa and I are so proud of you. Love GrandMa.
Anonymous said…
Evangeline looks beautiful!I can't believe how grown up she looks1
Wow, E you look stunning. That blue dress rocks........I just love serving with you and your heart is so pure and Christ like. Keep it up girl. God has big plans for you.

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