McCain and Obama at Saddleback-My review

I didn't get to watch this last night, I was just too tired so I went on You Tube and watched all of it today.

McCain really shinned in this forum. I felt like his humor was amazingly disarming, His policy positions were well spoken and his answer to the "when did you go against your party or your own self for the good of America?" was superb. A submissive teachable Rebel is very much a term to describe John McCain. I have to say, he won this forum hands down.

Obama did a great job. I thought he was sincere and humble AND I liked a lot of his answers. Not all of them but a lot of them. But I didn't like how much he sounded like Hillary Clinton in the structure of his answers. No I still don't think he's the Anti-Christ and I think anyone that refers to that garbage right-wing propaganda crap on You Tube should be ashamed to even give that a second of their time.

I think McCain will have a great boost from this forum, as he should. He impressed the heck out of me, someone who would not be upset if Obama won but will be voting for and would prefer McCain to be our next president.


Anonymous said…
you should be extremly upset if obama wins. he is completly for abortion, and could not answer the question when does life begin. either you beleive it or you dont carole!!!!!
Carole Turner said…
I respect your opinion but I believe there is more to being pro life then just abortion. As Christians we can and have made a difference in the number of abortions. Regardless who is president, if every Christian who thinks Obama is evil would adopt, fund an orphange or volunteer at an unwed mothers home, what he did about the laws for or against abortion, would matter little.

Again, I think McCain would do a better job on many of the issues I am concerned with from AIDS, The war in Iraq, and helping ALL of the least of these.

Thanks for posting. Hope you visit again. Leave a name next time. I have this discussion at least a hundred times everytime I mention that I like Obama as a person ;-)
Ron said…
Carol, the President is the one who appoints Supreme Court Justices to the bench. Which means he can make abortion more acceptable and excessible. So it does matter who is elected President. Plus, I don't think that every Christian can adoption, fund an orphanage, or volunteer at unwed mothers home as you suggest.

Obama may be a great person, but he is in no way qualified to be President. Sorry
Carole Turner said…
Ron, every Christian could do something. Give $5.00 a month to an Orphanage, donate 2 hours a week to an unwed mothers home, help people who want to adopt either financially or with time. Every Christian can do something to show woman who want abortions that there is another option and that Christians are willing to put their time and money where their mouth is. No, all abortions will not end that way, only the love of Christ can change hearts but if we really want to be salt and light we must be willing to sacrifice some comforts, time and money to be a real example of life.

And, you may be right, he may not be qualified, like I said, I am voting for McCain, I think McCain is more qulified for sure.
Ron said…
I agree. If EVERY Christian did what you suggest, the world would be a much better place.

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