Little E's Purple and Pink Hair

Laura Loupe, Owner of Salon Bella Vita here in Baton Rouge (phone 225-766-6877 for an appointment) Colored E's hair for her today! Laura donated her time a couple weeks ago at Servolution. She gave 29 hair cuts in just under three hours. She NEVER even left her tent once she started cutting and she was the only hair cutter there! She does great work too.

I was talking to here the other night about how E wanted some crazy color highlights in her hair and Laura told me she would do E's hair for FREE!!

Today I tried to pay her but she said she would not let me, she said she wanted to bless Evangeline because Evangeline served the Homeless every Thursday. How cool is that?

Thanks Laura and God bless you!

E REALLY loves it!

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Anonymous said…
E's hair ROCKS. I'm trying hard not to be jealous, my momma never would have let me do something like that. She looks awesome & it suits her personality so well. :) Lookin' good!
Lesley said…
LOVE IT!!! You are rockin it E!!!

Man, I wish my hair wasn't so dark or that I wasn't too old... I would love to do something like that to my hair.
funny----i wont even get highlights in mine!
Anonymous said…
Look'n funky! I got the picture on my phone but I couldn't get y'all on the phone. Love it! Love GrandMa
Anonymous said…
I like it. I've wanted some of those for a good while. Very cute.

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