It's just their culture..

A young girl has a fight with her boyfriend, she slaps him, he slaps her. No big deal. They date for several years and have many such fights. You can't really blame the boy, the girl is pelting him with a cell phone at a football game, throwing a knife at him so he hits her back. It's all just part of their relationship. All their friends playfully hit each other, wrestle rough and just look at it as give and take when it comes to violence in a dating relationship. Sure, most of the woman will not take getting "really" beat up. As long as they feel they can "hold their own" in the exchange of blows, then they just think it's giving what you get.

So, the cycle goes on and on and on. Generation after generation of moms getting hit and hitting, moms slapping, kicking and hitting children out of anger and reaction and so the children grow up accepting this "mild" violence as normal and acceptable.

Yes, I am talking about the small town,white trash/Redneck culture. The culture that waves their rebel flags in defiant pride of their whiteness.

These are not hypothetical scenarios, I know the people I give examples of. I was raised in Redneck-ville, and there are white trash/rednecks in every city across America.

So when I hear white people say (as I often do) "that's just their culture. It's so.." about the inner city, African American culture that we work with at the Dream Center, I can't help but think they must just be blind to their own culture.

"They are just so sexual, it's just their culture" yet white people gave the world Sex in the City, Eminem, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, and 99% of all R and X rated movies but "THEY" are just so sexual.

"Their music is just so violent and overly sexual" yet it is a fact that over 80% of all rap and R&B music is purchased by 17-25 yr old white males.

"Their culture is so saturated with drugs" yet at least half the drug deals I have seen are between a black dealer and a white Ivy league looking male. When I was growing up in a small country town, all my friends went to the "black" area of town to get pot and crack.

So yea, it's just their culture and it's just your culture.

I know all poor white people are not white trash, abusing, drug dealing, perverts But neither are all inner city poor African Americans. Everything the white community stereo type the African American community with, they are just as guilty of.

Sin is not any one races "Culture". Sin is the human races "culture" and only Jesus Christ can give us victory over it. Whether it's greed, pride and selfish ambition or adultery, hate and anger, etc..all people of all races are sinful.

As a follower of Christ, before any of us dismiss anything as "just their culture" again, we must ask God to show us where our own selves or our own culture has done the same, equal or worse.

I really hope I never hear someone dismiss, excuse or condemn a race by saying "it's just their culture" again.


HerstoryGirl said…
PREACH, Sista!!!
Donna said…
WAY to go on your spelling! When you start writing for publications I'll be your editor for free. :)
Hey, I have spent many years becoming irate, furious, ranting & raving about the ignorance of racism, wherever it may be. i have just in the last few years began to pray for grace to allow myself to forgive those people who hate so freely or who are just plain ignorant to reality. Its a long process for me to get over my own fury of such things.
Lesley said…
You GO Carole... preach girl, PREACH!!!!!!! What an AWESOME, POWERFUL post!!! Love it!!!
Wade Hinton said…
As Yoda would say, "totally depraved, we are."

Christian culture!

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