In case you were wondering..

These are the shoes I got for my birthday from Dean.

Yea, I need a Pat Benatar concert T to wear with the black pair. Rock on!


Donna said…
OH my word.... I'm speechless.
HerstoryGirl said…
Very cool.
I especially love the red pair.
Anonymous said…
p.s. Your caption reads "In case your were wondering...."

Also, I often see you mix up "your" and "you're." (sorry I'm even telling you this, but I'm a former court reporter, so I must!)

"Your" is when you say "your shoes." Use "you're" when you are saying "you are."

Carole Turner said…
Typo, sorry.
Anonymous said…
Completely cool shoes! Love MOM
JOSHUA 1:9 said…

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