HPC-Hurricane preparation

Here it is Friday, August 29th 2008, the third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Today we are in preparation mode for Gustav. I say "WE" referring to our immediate family and our church family. HPC is command central for a lot of disaster prep. Many churches met today to plan and get ready for what MAY happen. But also for what will happen. Like contra flow out of New Orleans starting 6am Sunday, and evacuees coming into town.

Dean will be working for Coca Cola through the weekend, 5am to at least 5pm. I will attend the adoption workshop in the morning, and then do what we can at the Highland Road Campus of HPC to get ready for this storm.

If you live in BR or anywhere in the gulf coast area, please consider how you can serve your fellow man during this time. I know keeping ourselves and family safe is important, I just pray we ALL can take time to love our neighbor as our selves too. I pray I can and will do all I can to be salt and light during this time, come what may.

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