Gustav is headed our way

Friday is the 3rd year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. By then we will know pretty much where this storm, Gustav, is headed and by early next week we will have either been hit again by a major Hurricane or dodged a bullet.

Even if we have to get hit, I pray it goes to the West of New Orleans, that City is not ready for another one. Up here in Baton Rouge we grew by 25000 permanent residence the night of Katrina. We literally can't catch up with roads, housing, school space, etc. So, where would the evacuees go this time? The mayor has already said there is no room here for mass evacuations.

But the churches here and everywhere would welcome them. There is room at this Inn. Is the church ready? Not the government, the church? The church sure did shine after Katrina. Do we have compassion fatigue now three years later? I don't think so. I pray not. I think the church is more ready now then ever. We learned from Katrina. It catapulted us into a different place, a church united to be the hands and feet of Jesus. A church that has seen clearly the dieing and the hurting right here in our own country, in our own back yard and we know that it is our job to help them.

Please pray we dodge the bullet. Pray this storm gets weaker and weaker and doesn't cause any damage.


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