Forty Days of Prayer-Day 10

David Livingstone said, “God had one Son and He made Him a missionary.” It is a pretty important part of God’s plan for His Kingdom - to have His people go into all the world. He even told us exactly how to pray for this need - ask the Lord of the harvest of souls to send forth laborers into the field. Do it, Lord, and as we pray this, speak to us as well. With Isaiah we cry, “HERE WE ARE, LORD, SEND US!”


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday, Sue!!! I love you with all my heart.
Melinda said…
Carole, I am so sorry you didn't get the Shaohannah's Hope grant. I will be praying for God's favor in getting the LifeSong grant. Maybe I can send you a few ideas for fundraising as well. I am praying for you!

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