Fasting on Mondays for the Orphans

I have been reading a fantastic new Adoption related blog, The stitches that Make the sweater,

She is more outspoken then even me! Yes!! I love it.

In a recent post she asked who would be willing to fast on Mondays for the Orphans around the world and I have decided I need to do that.

I'm not a good faster, I must admit but I know God tells us to do it so starting next Monday I will join her and many others on a day of fasting for the sake of Orphans around the world.

I will also be praying for my little "A" as he waits for us in an Orphanage in Ethiopia, him, his house mates, the nanny's, and all the Orphans of Ethiopia who are so dear to our hearts, it's all so real to us now.

There is so much in the works right now. God is moving on hearts to really make a dent in the Orphan population throughout the world. He is calling so many to act as James 1:27 tells us. I know everyone can't adopt, but there are so many ways to help the Orphans, ask God to show you what you can do or better yet, what He can do through you.

I think the tide is turning, the church is waking up. I pray we all see the Orphan as Jesus does and act.

Will you pray with us on Mondays?


Melinda said…
I am happy to see you are on for Mondays! So exciting to see what God has in store. Your new picture of A is just so sweet. You continue to be in my prayers and I can't wait too see him in your arms soon!

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